A whole new level of intelligence.

Powerful Results

They begin with an all-inclusive solution that evolves with the industry. PowerAds’ advanced characteristics and foundation provide exceptional ad serving technology to deliver the design you envision.

Scary Smart Software

We utilize AI to intuitively guide your ads along a natural progression, resulting in real interactions with users. SEO, SEM or Social Media campaigns; you name it. PowerAds covers it.

100% Customization

Our fully integrated API gives you a completely seamless and customizable product that’s flexible to match with your business, no matter the size.

Optimized for any format on any device.

Managing your ad stack has never been easier.

We help publishers determine which traffic sources are making the most money. Through data collection and machine learning, we provide publishers with actionable insights on a software that supports integrations from the biggest companies in the industry. We guarantee not just visibility, but user interaction and engagement with your ads. No matter the format or device, your ads are displayed, seen, and heard.

Built-in Analytics

Built-in Native Solution

Paywall Solution

In Content Video Solution

Content Management System

One flat fee. No negotiation needed.

We know the hassle of negotiating contracts for a premium ad server. That’s why we offer a standard, all-in-one flat fee for the most robust ad server platform.

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PowerAds is the all-in-one, advanced ad server solution that manages your entire ad stack across all formats and devices.

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